Welcome to VESTA Cattery

Vesta Cattery is created to give you the pleasure of getting in touch with the beauty of the Sibarian cat! While browsing the site you'll be able to feel what it is like to share your life with a representative of this magnificent breed - you will see pictures and read stories that will grab your heart and make you fall in love with the Siberians - exactly like these cats did to us!

Be ready to meet Divozora Russian Miracle, Koolblue Fernando, Bendida's Bella and all their friends!

Just relax and enjoy!

Our cats

Divozora Russian Miracle

Divozora is the first Sibarian cat who came to our home from the Cattery Russian Miracles. She was born on 05th January 2013 from Dam Abbi Legenda Sibiri and SirE Iafet Legenda Sibiri. She's got full WCF pedigree and already her first two CAC's and Best of Best II at age of only 10 months on International WCF Show in Varna, Bulgaria 24-25 November 2013.

Koolblue Fernando

Fernando was the necessary male addition for Vesta cattery to exist. He was born on 18th July 2013 under the loving care of Lorraine Brown in Koolblue Siberians Cattery by Dam Nellstarts Made for You Hera and Sire Fluffytyke Zoomer. He is with full FIFe pedigree and was just a 4-months old baby when attended his first International WCF show in Varna and was awarded EX 1 twice and WCF CACP for youngsters.